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Title: New Software for Photocopier Rental Management
Post by: amit on October 22, 2019, 08:23:01 PM
Hope everyone is busy. I thought let you know about new software that our company recently started using.  You might benefit too.

We recently migrated from trackit which was becoming dated and unworkable. We are now using Field Force Tracker software with photocopier module to manage recurring invoices and counter maintenance. It has everything that a company of our size needs. However, we had to recover data from trackit and clean up for import which was a big pain.

Is there any one who has migrated from trackit to Field Force Tracker? How did you manage your migration?
Title: Re: New Software for Photocopier Rental Management
Post by: admin on March 23, 2020, 09:53:47 PM

we got the following message from Field Force Tracker - software company -

About Photocopier Module:
We have a special Photocopier Management module in FFT as a part of our service contract and warranty management module. It can help you in tracking of photocopier page counters, warranty, and parts and supplies used for the service/maintenance of each machine. It also computes recurring charges based on the monthly page overages using monthly meters and your PPC for B/W, Color and Scan counters, and generates recurring invoices automatically with usage charges. There are also several additional features for meter management both in small and big format printers.

The system also generates client balance statement on your letter head that can simply be emailed. Meter Reading is integrated with our mobile apps for field techs to enter meter readings when they go for the servicing of the machines.

Seems to be a great software, Go for it.